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DSL 2010


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DSL-2010 became a member of a non-profit organization - Waste Management Association.

Waste Management Association (WMA) is a consolidated association like-minded people, influences the creation and regulation in Ukraine of a transparent and effective market mechanism for the complete waste management cycle. Oriented to European values.
AUO brings together progressive and conscientious participants in the waste management process, lobbies and popularizes the formation of an open waste management mechanism in Ukraine.

The key task of the Association is:
• raising the level of work in the field of waste management,
• education of environmentally conscious Ukrainians.
“DSL-2010” complies with all environmental and sanitary standards of Ukraine as uses a modern recycling complex – UT 3000DTS with a cleaning system flue gases, equipment for crushing and pressing waste.
It is with the help of such technological installations that we safely destroy waste, which are not subject to burial and recycling, for Kiev and the entire environment.

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