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How are meat, fish, sausage products and semi-finished products disposed of in Ukraine?

Uncontrolled release of food waste leads to environmental disaster. In the landfill, waste rots and decomposes, infecting the ground with pathogens, harming the environment and human health. Therefore, the government is taking steps to implement stringent measures in the context of the control of enterprises, their working processes, the handling of illiquid products and goods, storage and

disposal of food. Food products such as meat, fish, sausages and semi-finished products are characterized by a relatively short shelf life. If storage conditions are not met, expiration date, depressurized packaging or defects such products are food waste, which must be disposed of. Read more about the need for such measures and the specifics of neutralization of this kind of waste.

Disposal of meat and fish

First of all, you need to determine who needs meat and fish disposal. And that is:

Meat and fish processing plants of various sizes

Supermarket chains and grocery stores

Catering facilities, restaurants

Farms, cattle complexes

Cosmetic factories and other organizations that apply in their activities those or other components of fish

Fishing companies and individual vessels

The recycling of meat waste begins with its inspection and sorting. If the products are in the worst condition, they are incinerated. The ash is taken to a landfill with solid waste. Expired meat products that have not lost their liquidity are carefully shredded, ground to a powdery state and used as supplementary animal feed. For responsible entrepreneurs, who check on time how well the products are stored, the utilization of meat into fodder is the best and economically profitable option. At the same time, the prices for such services are quite affordable.

There are also interesting suggestions regarding the utilization of fish waste, because according to statistics, 25-70% of every catch has to be disposed of. And this is only the first stage. What to say about the enterprises involved in the processing of fish products, where the problem of disposal of heads, tails, fins, bones and guts is acute! Therefore, processing, and more often it is the recycling of this kind of waste is the only true solution.

Disposal of sausage products and semi-finished products

Sausage products and semi-finished products, like meat and fish, are perishable products. When the shelf life expires, improper storage, lack of documentation, such products are subject to recycling or disposal. It is important to note that food waste of this kind refers to biological waste, so the disposal of sausages and semi-finished products together with household waste is prohibited by Ukrainian legislation. In this case, you should contact a specialized company, where the process of disposal of food waste will pass with maximum profit and in accordance with the regulatory and legal documentation.

Sausage and semi-finished products with expired shelf life, but without obvious signs of spoilage according to the conclusion of the examination, are disposed of as follows:

Liquidation with subsequent incineration or controlled decomposition in a landfill

Processing into products for further use, such as feed for farm animals and pets.